Bond through-and-through and true to a rich heritage, Blood Stone’s original music skillfully delivers high-octane musical excitement along with masses of 007 flavour.”

British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)


“Modern classic Bond score. Brilliant!”

Film Score Monthly


“Richard Jacques has created a modern classic Bond score.”



“[Richard Jacques] brilliantly captures the spirit of the Bond sound in 007: BLOOD STONE.”



“The music, provided by Richard Jacques, is a highlight of [JAMES BOND 007: BLOOD STONE], with a score that would feel right at home in a motion picture. Here’s hoping it gets released in the near future.”


Richard Jacques lends himself to a fantastic orchestral score...accompanied by a brilliant new rendition of the James Bond Theme.”


“Richard Jacques' majestic work on HEADHUNTER set the benchmark and is still seen by many as the finest example of scoring on any videogame.”
The Performing Rights Society Magazine


“The score has a hugely filmic quality…Jacques is destined for a career on the silver screen…HEADHUNTER is akin to a great action film score.”

Music From The Movies Magazine


“The music of 'Jack's Theme' [HEADHUNTER] is as good as Arnold’s contributions to the recent Bond scores.”

Film Score Monthly



“Richard is a composer of considerable distinction, who achieves perfection with every cue he delivers. His work on JAMES BOND 007: BLOOD STONE stands tall amongst the best in the world. Throughout the duration of the project Richard worked tirelessly to provide the best results in composition, orchestral production as well as interactive music implementation concepts. Richard knows how to carry a vision through his music, and he can be relied on to make an exceptional contribution to any project he is involved with. He is also an extremely good collaborator, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

Mathias Grunwaldt – Audio Lead, JAMES BOND 007: BLOOD STONE


“Richard Jacques was chosen to score the EIGHT DAYS trailer because of his experience with live orchestral sessions, and his action music style fits the project perfectly. We wanted a high production value piece and this was achieved with a 67-piece orchestra, featuring some of the music industry’s top session players, recorded in the world famous AIR studios. The final surround mix of the music is outstanding and Richard Jacques has once again set a benchmark for the quality of music in video games.”

Alastair Lindsay – Music Supervisor, Sony Computer Entertainment


“From the very beginning Richard Jacques shared the same ambition to create something special with the HEADHUNTER soundtracks. He’s one hell of a composer and his commitment and attitude was a great inspiration.”

John Kroknes – Executive Producer and Director, HEADHUNTER and HEADHUNTER: REDEMPTION


“Richard offers serious talent, total commitment, and is a pleasure to work with creatively, professionally and personally. Crucially for a composer, he can work incredibly fast without sacrificing quality.”

Ciaran Walsh – Audio Director – Zoe Mode


“Richard’s work on HEADHUNTER is powerful, melodic, dynamic and superbly orchestrated. Combining a top-notch orchestral sound and programmed rhythm loops with other percussive elements, it perfectly reflects the vitality of today’s contemporary orchestral music in games.”

Thomas Böecker – Producer, GC Symphonic Concert Series


“When I first listened to HEADHUNTER I was amazed that this magnificent score was composed for a video game. My ears told me that this was the score to the next big budget Jerry Bruckheimer film. It goes without saying that Richard Jacques, along with a handful of other composers, are the next generation of musicians that will take the place of the greats like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. Their talent will far exceed the game world and break them into Hollywood film scoring. My only hope is that, in the future, Richard continues to score for games as well as films.”

MV Gerhard – President, LA-LA LAND Records